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Philippines Security Services

In the Philippines we provide all our security services, including our VIP Protection Officers, Executive Protection Officers, Personal Bodyguards, Security Drivers and Security Guard Services through our locally incorporated sister company, Olympus Inc. Olympus Inc. and its affiliated companies (Black Swan Security Agency and Davao JVM Weapons Tactics) adhere to the laws and regulations enforced by the Philippines government which regulate the security services industry, and are guided by Republic Act No. 5487/ PD 1919 (The Private Security Agency Law) and the corresponding rules and regulations set by the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Below is an overview outlining some of the protection services we provide to our clients in Manila, and across the island groups of Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon in the Philippines. All of our VIP Protection Officers, Executive Protection Officers, Personal Bodyguards and Security Drivers are security vetted and are legally licensed and approved by the government of the Philippines to carry firearms as and when the security situation and threat dictates. We also offer the same protective security services in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Security Services available in Manila and across the Philippines

  • VVIP & Diplomatic Protection
  • VIP & Executive Protection
  • Personal Protection Officer
  • Celebrity Protection
  • Emergency Response Teams
  • Transport and Convoy Escort Security
  • Static and Manned Guarding Services
  • CCTV and Control Room Services
  • Biometrics and Facial Recognition
  • Security Surveys and Audits
  • VIP Airport Meet & Greet Services
  • Security Drivers and Chauffeurs
  • Residential Security Teams
  • Cyber Security Solutions
  • Background Checks and Investigations
  • Surveillance and Drone Services
  • Bomb Detection and Prevention
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Intelligence and Counterintelligence
  • Search and Rescue Teams

VIP & Executive Protection Services in Manila, Philippines

Associated Risks services executive clients from around the world and understands that each client is different and that some clients may not be used to or comfortable with a security detail. Through years of experience and learning to understand our client’s needs we have developed several methods for overcoming these challenges.

We take great pride in tailoring our techniques to fit the needs and lifestyles of our clients and our VIP Protection Officers, Executive Protection Officers and Personal Bodyguards are professionally trained to adapt quickly to their environment and demeanor.

Diplomatic Protection Services in Manila, Philippines

This area of VVIP Protection is a core competency for Associated Risks. Through years of experience we have come to learn and respect different cultures. Through extensive global experience and logistical planning our team of highly trained security professionals have learned to embrace different protective mythologies and blend them to suit the needs of our clients while remaining sensitive to their cultural requirements.

Associated Risks understands the unique needs of diplomatic clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide professional high-level security services with a personal touch. Security blended with customer service keeps our clients safe and well cared for during their assignment in Manila, Philippines.

Personal Bodyguard Services in Manila and across the Philippines

Associated Risks understands that each client’s threat exposure and security needs vary, therefore a large security detail is not always be the answer. Sometimes the correct solution to a security void is a single Personal Protection Officer, Female Bodyguard or Security trained Driver with a select background who can also act as a chaperone or assistant.

We frequently provide this level of security when a client requires a protective over-watch when visiting Manila, Philippines on business, attending an event, protecting family members while out dining and shopping, or at a gathering of associates. We are eager to discuss your individual requirements and offer solutions that best suit your needs.

Security Driver/ Bodyguard Services in Manila, Philippines

Depending on the situation and risk, the need for a more skilled, security-focused Driver/ Bodyguard with Advanced Driving, Firearms and Executive Close Protection training may be required. The security trained driver/ bodyguard can often be the most effective weapon against an attack and can remove the client quickly and safely from danger.

Encompassing a multitude of other personal skills/ training including medical (trauma management), unarmed combat, reconnaissance and counter surveillance our security driver/ bodyguards are experienced to deal with any unexpected incidents. All our security driver/ bodyguards carry emergency equipment and first response medical supplies within their vehicles.

Celebrity Protection in Manila and across the Philippines

Associated Risks works extremely hard to ensure its highly recognized clients are well cared for. Our Celebrity Protection Officers consistently adjust security methods to keep media attention and adoring fans at a safe distance while still providing the client the amount of exposure he or she desires.

All of our Celebrity Protection Officers are professionally trained in low and high-profile protection methods. Our Celebrity Protection Officers know when to be low profile and when they need to stand out in order to provide a stronger visible presence. This is critical to the client’s safety and satisfaction. If this describes your security requirements, Associated Risks is the right security partner for you in Manila, Philippines.

Residential Security Teams in Manila and across the Philippines

Associated Risks Residential Security Teams (RST) provide a credible and robust physical presence at your home or estate. Operating overtly or discreetly, the physical presence of a residential security team can provide protection to you and your family by deterring and responding to any potential threat. These services are available in Manila, as well as other more rural parts of the Philippines.

VIP & Executive Meet & Greet Services at Manila Airport

Associated Risks provides an official VIP and Executive meet & greet service when arriving at Manila International Airport, Philippines. Our clients are met at the aircraft door and escorted through immigration and customs using the fast track lane. Once clear they are taken directly to the VIP lounge where they will wait in comfort while our staff collect their baggage. This service is also provided to our clients when departing the Philippines through Manila International Airport.

Vehicles available in Manila and across the Philippines

Associated Risks can provide its clients with a wide array of vehicles that meet their personal requirements. These vehicles include standard model sedans such as Toyota Camry and Chrysler 300 through to luxury vehicles including Mercedes, BMW’s, Range Rovers and Toyota Land Cruiser’s. 


All Associated Risks’ VIP Protection Officers, Executive Protection Officers, Personal Bodyguards and Security Drivers are armed and carry government authorized and legally licensed firearms. Their primary firearm will be a 9mm Glock Pistol. Other firearms including rifles can be deployed depending on the situation and threat posed to the client. As a formality, an official authorization letter containing the name of each VIP Protection Officer, Executive Protection Officer, Personal Bodyguard or Security Driver, their position, identification number, type of firearm, the amount of ammunition being used and firearm serial number will be given to the client prior to any deployment.

Philippines Bulletproof/ Armoured/ Armored Vehicle Rental/ Hire

Associated Risks can provide its clients in the Philippines with a wide range of bulletproof/ armoured/ armored rental/ hire vehicles to meet their personal requirements. Our Philippines rental/ hire vehicles include B6 and B7 bulletproof/ armoured/ armored Toyota Land Cruisers, Lexus and Mercedes Benz. All of our Philippines bulletproof/ armoured/ armored rental/ hire cars are driven by professionally trained and experienced security drivers. Our Bulletproof/ Armoured/ Armored rental/ hire vehicles are available in Manila, Angeles, Batangas, Cebu, Davao, Zamboanga and General Santos for movement around the Philippines.

Philippines Bulletproof Body Armour and Ballistic Helmets

Associated Risks can provide its clients in the Philippines with Level IV (4) Stand Alone Bulletproof Body Armour/ Armor Plates, Bulletproof MOLLE Body Armour/ Armor Vests with Level IIIA (3A) Soft Armour and Level IIIA (3A) Bulletproof Ballistic Helmets. We can Also provide our clients with high quality Night Vision Goggles/ Devices, Thermal Imaging Goggles/ Devices, Medical First Aid Kits (complete with Tourniquets, Israeli Bandages and Hemostatic Dressings), Military and Tactical Equipment.

Other Security Services

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