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In the bustling maritime landscape of Singapore, where vessels from Batam embark on their journey toward the Malacca Straits, Associated Risks takes center stage in ensuring the safe transit of slow-moving, high-value vessels and tugs through this strategically significant region. Our Maritime Security Escort Vessel (SEV) services are tailored to safeguard a diverse array of maritime assets navigating the Singapore Straits and Malacca Straits. From oil and gas floating production units to semi-submersible drilling rigs, we recognize the immense value and importance of these vessels and their cargo, especially as they pass through Singapore’s waters. Among our key responsibilities is the protection of these slow-moving vessels, ensuring their safe passage amidst potential threats.

Manned by skilled security personnel, our Security Escort Vessels (SEVs) are equipped to deter and respond effectively to various risks, including piracy, robbery, and illicit activities. But our commitment to security doesn’t end there. We go the extra mile by placing guards onboard vessels at anchor in Singapore’s ports, providing round-the-clock protection from potential robbery, further enhancing the safety and security of international maritime traffic passing through the Singapore Straits and Malacca Straits.

By maintaining a reliable and robust security presence in Singapore’s waters, we instill confidence among shipowners and operators, facilitating the smooth and secure passage of vessels carrying vital goods and commodities. Through our unwavering dedication to maritime security, Associated Risks plays a pivotal role in upholding the integrity and safety of the Singapore Straits and Malacca Straits, contributing to the stability and prosperity of international maritime trade in the region.

Security Escort Vessel (SEV) Services Batam and Singapore

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Associated Risks offers specialized armed guard maritime security services tailored to safeguard vessels traversing the Malacca Straits, enroute to Singaporean ports, including those in Batam, Indonesia. These services leverage embarked host nation security forces, ensuring a formidable defense against the prevalent threats of piracy and armed robbery in these waters. Collaborating closely with local authorities and security agencies, our armed guard teams provide a robust security presence aboard client vessels, complemented by the expertise and capabilities of the host nation security forces.

The embarked Indonesian or Malaysian host nation security forces can only embark in Indonesian or Malaysian waters, either directly onto the client’s vessel or onto one of our Security Escort Vessels (SEVs). By integrating with host nation security forces, we enhance the effectiveness and legitimacy of security operations, thereby deterring potential threats and safeguarding the uninterrupted flow of maritime commerce to Singaporean ports and Batam Port, Indonesia.

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